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Why fill out tons of job applications when you can fill out just one and be considered for dozens of jobs with some of the best companies in the transportation industry?
Let's face it.........You've worked hard for your CDL license and to obtain the level of driving skill that you have achieved. Why not put those skills to work for you?
DRIVER SOLUTIONS, LLC,  can help you find that perfect job, whether you're looking for Full Time, Part Time or Casual work.
We partner with some of the best local and national companies in the transportation industry. They trust us and count on us to recruit, screen and hire the best drivers available. That's where you come in!
We realize that everyone is different and that every driver has a unique set of skills and abilities. We also realize that every driver has goals and dreams that they want to achieve. DRIVER SOLUTIONS, LLC wants to help you achieve those goals and dreams by helping you capitalize on your skills and abilities.  
How do we do that? We treat you as person and we want to get to know you as an individual. When you call our office you are speaking with someone in your local area, not someone several hundred or several thousand miles away.
The next steps: 
  • First we do an application pre-screening. (*see the pre-screening quaifications below)
  • If you meet the pre-screening qualifications then we will have you come into our office so that we can meet in person.
  • We will have you fill out a hard copy application and complete the necessary paperwork required by the   FMCSR.
  • You will then be given an in-person interview so that we can discuss your past employment and more importantly, your future employment.


After the application process is complete and we've received a favorable background check back, you'll be able to select the type of driving positions that you desire from a wide variety of positions that we have available.


*Pre-Screening Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 23 years of age.
  • Must possess a valid and current driver license relevant to the type of employment you are seeking. (Class A or B CDL or Non-CDL class D.)
  • Must have a current DOT Physical.
  • Have a minimum of 2-years CDL driving and delivery experience within the last 3 years. (6 months experience for Non-CDL.)
  • No DUI or driving related drug or alcohol convictions within the last 7 years.  
  • No driving carless or reckless accident related convictions.


Note: If you meet the above pre-screening qualifications other pre-screening qualifications, including any criminal history, will be discussed on an individual basis.






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